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My Golden Career

Our systems guide users through a process of self assessment of their career related personal attributes, exploration of occupations and education programs that are compatible with their assessment results, decision making and mapping out their goals and plans.

assessment, education and career planning systems

Services for college students, high school students & persons in career transition

  • Self-Assessments of work related interests, personality, values, skills, and career planning readiness.
  • Broadening of career horizons by exploring occupational and educational options that match the usersí assessment results.
  • Narrowing down options by comparing the pros and cons of attractive occupations and education programs.
  • Decision making and mapping of occupational and educational goals and major areas of study needed. Action planning to achieve these goals.  
  • Search for Colleges, Universities, & Technical Institutes that provide the education needed.
  • Search for jobs, internships, part time work
  • An Automated Portfolio Builder summarizes all complete results

Services for Counselors and Administrators

  • Self- Registration by users.
  • Automated Reports summarizing individual userís results, comparisons of groups, and categorizing of users by their assessment results
  • Tailored Main Menu to display preferred functions. Add links of your choice to the Main Menu Resources.
  • Create categories for organizing users in groups.
  • Free webinar training, technical support, support materials.

Free Introductory Webinars:
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3 Products to Meet your Needs:

FOCUS 2 Online
For  students in 2-year and 4-year colleges and Universities, and Technical Institutes
Customized with your college's majors.

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My Career Profile (MCP)

For use by students in High School and Youth Development Programs

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My Golden Career

For use by:
- Employees in organizations
- Unemployed Persons
- Veterans returning to the
civilian workforce.

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